Neuromonitoring is considered the standard of care for many neurological and orthopedic surgical procedures. Our goal at Neurodynamics, Inc. is to incorporate our members into the medical staff as allied health professionals. As an independent provider group, we are able to bill many of our services directly to the insurance and/ or HMO medical group responsible for the patient’s care. Often, these charges are considered part of the facility daily fee, and are not payable when billed by the hospital. Furthermore, as independent allied healthcare professionals, we do not require additional medical supervision, unlike hospital staff technicians who require the supervision of a neurologist or licensed neurophysiologist.

What is Neuromonitoring?

The scientific practice of Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring aims to reduce the risk to patients of iatrogenic damage to the nervous system and/or provide functional guide to the surgeon. To accomplish this, a specially trained member of our team acquires data and provides immediate feedback to the surgeon regarding electro physiologic signals from the patient as their surgery proceeds. Patients who benefit from neuromonitoring are those undergoing surgeries that involve the brain, spinal cord or nerves that may be at risk. Neuromonitoring is also known as surgical neurophysiology, intraoperative neurologic monitoring, or simply intraoperative monitoring. Acronyms include IOM, IONM and NIOM.

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