Founded by Dr. Gayle E. Hicks in 1985, Neurodynamics, Inc. was originally known as San Diego Diagnostic and Monitoring Services. The company was incorporated under the California State bylaws for limited liability corporations in 1996 as Neurodynamics, LLC, and in 2002 to Neurodynamics, Inc.

The purpose in forming this group was to engage professionals in the common goal of providing quality and state of the art neurophysiological monitoring in the operating room. Our mission is to promote Neurophysiological Intra-Operative Monitoring (NIOM) as a method of reducing or eliminating morbidity during high-risk spine and neuro surgical procedures. This is accomplished through diligent application of our skills in neurophysiological monitoring, continued enhancement of our skills and knowledge through interaction with surgeons and peers, and refinement and promotion of our chosen field through participation in clinical research and professional meetings.


Neurodynamics, Inc. is a group that includes specialty trained professionals in private practice, licensed by the State of California, with certification to provide neurophysiological diagnostic testing and intraoperative monitoring.


Dr. Gayle Hicks has been a practicing audiologist/neurophysiologist for over 25 years and has been specializing in NIOM for over 20 years. She holds a Ph.D. and is board certified and a Diplomate of the American Board of Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring, has served as an examiner for the Board, and taught graduate level courses for the UC system focusing on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring. She is a nationally respected expert with several presentations and publications to her name.

Why Select Neurodynamics


We recognize you have a choice to make with regard to neuromonitoring and offer the following:

  • Neurodynamics, Inc. has been providing neuromonitoring in the Southern California region for over 20 years.
  • As a pioneer in neuromonitoring, Dr. Gayle Hicks, our clinical director, continues to expand the monitoring capabilities of Neurodynamics, Inc., routinely contributes to the field at national and international conferences, and has served on two boards (ASNM and ABNM) dedicated to the advancement of the neuromonitoring field.
  • Neurodynamics, Inc. does not employ technologists. Neurodynamics is comprised of a group of specialized clinicians with graduate degrees, allied health licensing issued by the State of California, and advanced certification in neuromonitoring.
  • Each clinical specialist within the group takes personal responsibility for their role in helping the surgeon provide optimum patient care.
  • Because we are a group of licensed allied health clinicians, the surgeon and hospital are assured a professional, with the capabilities of reporting pertinent data to the surgeon, is in the operating room at all times.